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Re: Creating 'the Last Book' to Hold All the Others

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Elias Roustom wrote:

> I say bring it on, bring on the digital revolution, and make paper a thing
> of the past... like touch and smell and the lovely ways organic materials
> decompose.
One fact they can't change is (a) it still requires electricity, and
(b)you can have no idea what the title of the book is neither from it's
cover nor it's spine.  IMHO, anything that has been proclaimed as
revolutionary ahead of time has never become revolutionary.  When the
ARPAnet was being assembled, NO ONE had any idea what it would grow into.
Yet, there have been MANY technologies that people have called
revolutionary, but never went anywhere.

> Where are we headed with all this? Are we beating a dead horse? or is there
> some significance to what we do? Just love?
Their "last book" will be little more than a blip in history, and it'll be
amazing if it even gets a footnote in the history books.  The INESCAPABLE
fact is that the book is a BRILLIANTLY designed thing, and performs it's
intended purpose with near perfection.  Inexpensive to manufacture,
efficient, allowing random access, lasts for hundreds of years, doesn't
need batteries, environmentally friendly, and magnificently easy to use.
Not a chance it'll become obsolete.  TTYL!

Paul Anderson - Self-employed Megalomaniac
"With all due respect, you, sir, have the intellect of a pickle."
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