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Re: re...Janet's web page...

At 14:41 07/04/98 -0500, Michel Rogerson wrote:
>Just so you know, it only took three minutes for your page to load chez
>moi (and I did it at 2:30 in the afternoon, too)...Sounds like Ron needs
>to turn in those tired mice running in their cage to power his computer
>and visit Best Buy...

Three minutes? What's your connection speed? Mine's 14.4, which I admit is
slow (donations welcome, though<g>) but still fairly usual for the average
web surfer out there, and the connection speed that should be kept in mind
when designing a web page. Contrary to some people's belief, web pages
shouldn't be designed for the optimum environment -- i.e. super-duper Star
Wars connection speeds, large monitors all set at 800x600 resolution (no
less and no more, the supposed "ideal" web resolution), with everyone using
Netscape or Internet Explorer (whichever your favourite flavour is) and
taking advantage of all the idiosyncracies of one *or* the other -- but
should be designed, rather, for the *lowest* common denominator -- i.e.
14.4 modem, small (say 14") monitor set at 640x480 (but still looks good on
a large monitor set at 1024x768, or even 1280x1024, or whatever),
compatible not just to Netscape *as well* as Internet Explorer, but other
browsers as well, including, text browsers and voice browsers (for the
visually impaired).

As for total page size, that is, including the HTML file plus all the
graphics for the page, a designer should strive to keep that under 40k or
50k.  70k to a 100k is pushing it on the steep side, but 905k, which
Janet's page is (or at least was -- I haven't been back since) is right off
the deep end (sorry Janet). Her page could easily be done, and look
*exactly* as it does (if not better, with "cleaner" graphics), and be under
40k -- if you don't believe me, I'll show you!

Yes, the more-than-half-an-hour that it took me to download her page was a
bit slow (900k would normally come in within anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes
or so, depending on the *other* person's uploading capabilities, more than
anything else), but it's still an accurate, timed example of one user's
visit to her site. Nevertheless, how slow it took me or how fast it took
you or any of us to download the page isn't the question, it's the total
file size that matters here. I guess web design is the opposite of sex in
that way, in that it's not the motion of the ocean, but, indeed, just how
big (or, in this case, how small) your boat is. ;)

Back to book arts (and my apologies for yet another off-topic post)...

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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