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Web Design & Book Arts Bookmarks

At 07:28 09/04/98 -0800, Jill Henry wrote:
>Hi Ron- I would be grateful if you would send me your bookmarks on web

Apart from the fact that my reply to one person's request (David Kern's --
are you out there?) for my bookmarks bounced on me due to "permanent fatal
errors", but moreso since quite a few of you have asked me off-list for
these, I suppose it's probably easier to just load these bookmarks, as well
as the book arts ones that I sent to the list the other day, up to my site.
That way you don't just get a bunch of URLs (which most often mean next to
nothing without going to the actual site), but the page names, as links,
instead (in case you don't know, Netscape bookmarks can be viewed as a "web
page", just by opening up the file in your browser).

Ergo, indubitably and forthwith, I've snipped my bookmarks file down to
these two separate sections and put them up at my site for those of you who
might find these of interest, which you can find at...


...(which is about 24k's worth, although it's probably still missing some
of the more recent URLs that came in as a result of our recent discussion
here and to which I have yet to surf and "bookmark" for myself) and...


...(about 52k's worth).

You should be able to copy these for use off of your own hard drive (just
go in "File" and choose "Save As..."), however, I would caution you against
opening either of these as your bookmarks (you may end up losing all your
own bookmarks) but, rather, *import* them into your own (by choosing
"Bookmarks", "Edit Bookmarks", then, in your bookmarks, choose "File",
"Import..." and then pick the appropriate file and they'll be added to what
you already have). You should save the file from the above URLs to your
hard drive first, of course.

And, in return, just be nice to me and visit my "real" site, too. ;)

>Thanks you your efforts in compiling them.

Well, no need to thank me -- it just sorta "happened".<g> Also, keep in
mind that neither of these are definitive lists by any means (hardly so,
especially the book arts one) -- but I suppose their okay for those of you
interested in a bit of surfin', who haven't been around too much.

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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