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Re : Finding Fonts???

I don't remember whether this one was on one of Ron's voluminous lists, but
I just blundered across www.arttoday.com.  You pay $17.95, or thereabouts,
for membership (they accept Credit Cards, which is helpful for those of us
who make the mistake - in Internet terms - of not being born in the US of
A) and then you can download any of their thousands of fonts, clipart
images, etc. etc, for a year.

Since this is about the same price as a single disk of clipart or fonts,
this doesn't seem a bad deal.  They promise that they aren't handing you
shareware fonts.

I do not, of course, have any connections with this company, and am not
advertising for them.  But if you want to send the money to me instead (in
return for nothing) feel free.

Thomas Larque.

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