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Re: Re : Finding Fonts???

At 05:40 PM 4/9/1998 +0100, you wrote:
>I don't remember whether this one was on one of Ron's voluminous lists, but
>I just blundered across www.arttoday.com.  You pay $17.95, or thereabouts,

>Since this is about the same price as a single disk of clipart or fonts,
>this doesn't seem a bad deal.  They promise that they aren't handing you
>shareware fonts.

I have my doubts about the quality of fonts or clipart that you'll get for
this price. The bargain font collections in this price range are all ripped
off fonts, either shareware or stolen freeware or worse still outright
pirated commercial fonts.

If you're actually expecting to get fonts that you can use for real work,
expect to pay at least $20 per font (not per family, per FONT). Anything
cheaper is either stolen or of very poor quality.

(And having just taken a quick look at the web site, there font collection
falls into the "stolen" category. Weatherly Systems, if I recall correctly,
has been indicated as one of the companies which has stolen fonts outright.
Among the samples shown, I saw fonts stolen and renamed from Bitstream,
Image Club, Adobe et al.

Remember that type designers are artists also.

As for clip art, the sort of stuff that you get for free is the quickest
way to express "amateur" in your work. Anyone with a modicum of creativity
is better served with pen paper and a scanner. Taking a quick glimpse
through what they had in clip art it again looked like a lot of dreck and
public domain images.

Just my opinion, but it sounds like this is far from a good deal.

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