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Re: Re : Finding Fonts???

>> I have my doubts about the quality of fonts or clipart that you'll get
>> this price. The bargain font collections in this price range are all
>> off fonts, either shareware or stolen freeware or worse still outright
>> pirated commercial fonts.

>Some fairly reputable companies produce quality budget disks (alongside
>licenced new copies of old games and the like), and I haven't seen any sign
>of the ones I know being prosecuted.  If they are *all* ilegitimate then
>the font industry doesn't seem to be doing much to combat them.

You will not find original designs being sold for bargain prices. The only
cases of the $20/font barrier being broken are the font packs that used to
be pushed by Adobe, Monotype, etc. Some of these are still on the market,
but the downside to these are that everyone else is using them so the
typefaces suffer from overuse (Lithos, anyone?). (This is also the problem
with clip art collections, btw.)

There are two degrees of theft:
- Outright thievery of outline data. There is a lawsuit in process where
Adobe is sueing SSI (who is the source of the fonts being sold by The
Learning Company, which might be one of the "reputable companies" referred
to above). A preliminary judgment found against SSI and declared that font
outline programs are copyrightable data. They're breaking the law, but the
costs of prosecution are extreme: Rumor has it that legal bills for both
sides are well into 7 figures. Given that the majority of foundries don't
have the deep pockets of Adobe, it's little surprise that there's not much
high visibility prosecution.
- US law allows font designs to be stolen outright. With modern technology,
this involves print, scan, autotrace. Not exactly rocket science. In this
instance there isn't even the expensive recourse described above.

See the website http://www.typeright.org for more background on these issues.

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