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Re: Re : Finding Fonts???

To balance the discussion of the ArtsToday site, I should point out that
the following notice appears on their site :


Our policy is to provide only files that are licensed to Zedcor or verified
to be in the public domain. We do not knowingly accept copyrighted files or
make them available. In the unlikely event that you or someone you know
owns the copyright to a file in ArtToday's collection, please contact us
immediately at Zedcor, Inc.

Due to the complexity of the laws and regulations of Earth's many
principalities, Zedcor disclaims any and all responsibility for any lost
time, costs, litigation, and other damages you may incur from the use of
these files, other than a full refund of the original subscription price.

Michael A. Gariepy, CEO
Zedcor, Inc.
3420 N. Dodge Blvd., Suite Z
Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 881-8101
(520) 881-1841 FAX ".

As I have already pointed out, I am personally in no position to know who
is right or wrong here.

Thomas Larque.

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