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Re: Creating 'the Last Book' to Hold All the Others

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Thomas Larque wrote:

> Why go to the shops to buy the latest trashy
> bestseller if you can download it from your own home in seconds, and would
> only have read it once anyway?
Yeah, but where the publisher of said trashy novel make money?  Say the
book form is worth $10, what would the text file of it be?  Methinks next
to worthless, they'd never make enough to turn a decent profit.  No matter
what, it'll still cost more to make these "last book" things, and they'll
STILL run out of power, and totally freak out when dunked in the water.
Now I admit, books don't handle a dunking that well either, but they can
be dried with little damage.  The book is just too good a technology to
beat, when you have a good idea, stick with it...  TTYL!

Paul Anderson - Self-employed Megalomaniac
"With all due respect, you, sir, have the intellect of a pickle."
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