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Re: creating the last book to contain all others

Reading with fascination this thread of a booklike object with active pages..my
impulse is to fix the binding so it goes in a full circle, like a floppy
Rolodex. The pages in the rear would be updated as you leaf thru them. A
stafflike spine (the way they hold the better newspapers in the library) would
have a point at one end and an a little parasol at the other: jab it in the sand
and read at the beach. Forget about bookshelves, hang the things on your wall
and the hooks will update the data. You may need more than one of these
writeable books if you want to do cross-referencing the traditional way with
lots of open books on a table with paper strewn about. When you have collected a
few, hang them on the wall in a matrix and the ?covers? go into poster mode,
showing large art over the entire wall surface.
Seriously, for a bookform, I would want to think of more passive ?paper? instead
of active. (In ann earlier age I might have envisioned a home
shredder/pulper/deinker/papermaker/printer. Toss in old paper and get new
printed sheets) Now it might be better to have reversible print on a ?permanent?
paper/plastic base. I once saw a demo version of reversible print, the material
was yellow plastic with a dark orange image. It was an endless belt, and
occasionally would roll thru a printhead that would wipe out the image and form
a new graphic page, at newspaper resolution. Double sided such material in a
stack could be clipped to a binder, and if this binder were like a comb, the
entire stack could be pushed thru it, as thru the teeth, erasing and reforming
the book in one pass. Perhaps certain material could be distributed so that it
fades out by itself, forming a type of  time-limited copyright. I am sure this
binder thing would have in it a title stripe <READ ME! This just in!> and
electronic books would be the plaything of admen.
Cyan  >(:

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