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The Last Book and a Related Subject

I recall seeing a Sunday night issue of CSpan's Booktalk with a roundtable of
big name publishers (yes, I watch CSpan, me and three other people) and they
were talking about print-on-demand.  Print-on-demand as I understand it is your
local bookstore carrying only 1 or 2 copies of a title (if at all) and you walk
in, tell them what book you want and they download it and print it relatively
"on the spot" (hours, days, whatever).  Has anyone ever seen this in practice?
If it exists I'm sure it's on a very small scale.  This is the ideal solution to
Bookseller's (especially small ones) problems of returns, and the dreaded "out
of print" problem.  This, combined with "The Last Book" would solve some of the
bookworld's and world-world's problems and still include room for the
"traditional" book form.

Matt (yes, I love parentheses and quotes, sorry if it bothers some).

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