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Re: Scan or shoot photos

Barbi wrote:

>        My experience is that scanning line drawings/black and white is
>usually LESS
>        successful than scanning color photos ....

Funny, my experience is the opposite: I can make very good scans of b&w
photos, line drawings, etc, but the colour scans are usually off by several
degrees of faithfulness.

But none of this helps Charles with his problem. If it's of any interest
Charles, I recently worked on a catalogue for the Thomas Fisher Rare Book
Library at the University of Toronto, where the cover image was a colour
reproduction of a very large lithograph bound into a book printed in 1830.
My client was concerned about getting a photo made of the image (letting
the book out of his hands, the cost of the photo, image degradation between
neg, print, and scan, etc). I suggested a high resolution scan directly
from the plate, which on further investigation was doable (ie: the scanner
bed was large enough), and the client is thrilled with the quality and cost
saving. I will try to remember to ask him about the comparative harmful
effects of photofloods versus scanner lamps.


Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:

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