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Re: Scan or shoot photos

A few words from the photographic viewpoint:  As I'm sure most of you know
archival paper can be used to copy a document onto.  Inks on the highend printers
(Iris, Fiery etc) are being continually tested and their lifespan is increasing,
as long as protected from light.

Most likely a document printed on a fibre-based paper would not be sharp enough.
Any  black & white photograph can be processed (archivally) to ensure a long
life.  It is the processing not the paper that ensures an archival product.  It
would be both costly and time consuming to attempt to conserve a book
photographically.  The book could be scanned and the output written to film or CD
or any other storage media.  I have not information on the original question
which asked about the potential harm from the light source used.

The writer may try contacting the PPA (Professional Photographers of America )
for an informed answer. http://www.ppa-world.org/

Christine McCormick
Photographic Fine Art Service

BerwynH wrote:

> a print is only as archival good as the paper it is printed on and laser toner
> is just melted plastic. Fiber based photographs are pretty archival from what
> my photo friends say. Also, photographs are continuois tone so they have
> better image quality. Laser printers produce grays by use of halftones.
> Berwyn

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