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Re: help: translation Latin-English

> Is anybody out there who is able to translate the following Latin
> text I found on the endpaper of a Law book?

My Latin is non-existent, and so I often have the same problem.

BUT - in the past I downloaded a freeware Latin translation programme
from one of the University sites which was absolutely brilliant.  The
problem is that I had to delete this when having system problems over
a year ago, and although I have looked for it briefly since, was not able
to find it again.  I think I originally found it by searching for "Latin
translation" and "freeware" - or "Latin dictionary" and "freeware" -
on Yahoo.

This program translated not only the words themselves, but also their
tenses - which solves the major problem with using a dictionary if you
can't read the language.  You typed the sentence in, and a translation
came up.

Sorry I can't be more helpful at the moment, but I'll look for it again.  If
I find it, I'll post the URL - and if anybody else finds it first, please
let me know.

And if any charitable Latin experts *are* out there.  Can anybody tell me
what "Aetas prima canat Generes postrema tumultus" means?


Thomas Larque.

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