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At 12:40 11/04/98 -0500, Janet L. Meyer-Borders wrote:
>Ron, why don't you give us all the web page design stuff - I really am
>interested too.

Actually, I did! Indirectly, anyway. To reiterate, all those bookmarks, as
well as the ones I posted earlier on book arts stuff, I've put up at my
site, at...




...respectively. That's a little easier to use that way, of course, than
just a bunch of links without the names of the site. Feel free to copy them
to your own computer, of course, and even import them into your own
bookmarks. Note, though, that it's important that you *import* them into
your own, and not "open" them as a new bookmark file, as you might lose
your own bookmarks by doing so -- importing them, however, will just add
them to your existing bookmarks (in Netscape, not Internet Explorer, of

>Thank-You Ron for being so helpful.
>We appreciate people like you.
>Have a great Easter!

Aw, you're a good egg, Janet. ;)

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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