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How about a Book Arts Book Catalogue?

> Gee, hang on... I'm making them as fast as I can!

> Pat

A bit of lateral thinking here, but if Pat is making books and a lot of
other people on this List are making Books (and I'm going to do it, but I'm
preparing and haven't started yet) then would anybody be interested in a
"Book Arts Catalogue" listing the various books that everybody wants to sell
with a title, a price, a couple of lines of description and an E-Mail
contact address?

I don't have the Web Space to host a list of this kind online, but I would
be willing to hold a copy in ASCII format and E-Mail it to anybody who asked
for one.

If anybody thinks this is a good idea and would like to get on the list,
then send me a list of your available books, prices, and a couple of lines
description of each book (and *just* a couple of lines, please or my
computer will die) and I'll start putting one together.  It would be
interesting to see what everybody is up to.

Thomas Larque.


Pat also writes :

> I want to die in motion. When I drop in my tracks, I want
> my body to skid for a week.

Really?  Have you tried binding your books while water-skiing?

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