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Re: How about a Book Arts Book Catalogue?

I think that's a great idea.

>A bit of lateral thinking here, but if Pat is making books and a lot of
>other people on this List are making Books (and I'm going to do it, but I'm
>preparing and haven't started yet) then would anybody be interested in a
>"Book Arts Catalogue" listing the various books that everybody wants to sell
>with a title, a price, a couple of lines of description and an E-Mail
>contact address?

I could include it as part of the Book Arts Web, URL in the header. What I
can do is make a form which people can fill out. If Tom's willing, I could
have the messages directed to him, he can compile, send to me and I'll be
happy to put on web. Sound like a plan? I can have a form ready by tomorrow
evening sometime.

>I don't have the Web Space to host a list of this kind online, but I would
>be willing to hold a copy in ASCII format and E-Mail it to anybody who asked
>for one.


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