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Re: Scan or shoot photos

1) I am far from an expert on this subject having never digitized an
image.  But, as a photographer I try to be at least semi-literate about

2) From my reading it seems that you have a way to go until digitized
images equal the quality of a photographic image.  Thus, you need to
determine what level of image quality you want.  The current issue of
shutterbug has printed material from one of the latest under $1,000
digital cameras.  I was not impressed with what appeared on the printed
page.  However, a lot of catalog companies do use filmless (i.e.,
digital) imaging from start to finish.  However, their equipment is very
expensive (well over $10K).  They save enough on film, etc. to justify
the cost.

3) Concerning copy stand vs. scanner for entering images.  The UV
exposure when copying an image is negligible given the relatively brief
time period.

4) If you are planning on using a digital output device I would suggest
that you continue to use film and then scan either the film or a print
into a computer.  I do not think that the rate of change in quality and
decline in price for digital cameras at this time would justify the
digital camera cost (unless you want to get one of the inexpensive
cameras with full awareness of its limitations and the degree of your
desire to get better images once you are hooked.)

5) Good luck.  I look forward to hearing from those out there who have
opinions.  As I said, I'm just dispensing easy advice based on limited
knowledge and less experience.

R. H. Starr, Jr.

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