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help: translation Latin-English

  The problem with Latin tags is that they often come out of a larger
context which is vital to the meaning of the particular phrase or
passage.  In this it is hardly different from any other language, but
the cultural context is not so familar to most of us modern day types.
 So I am a bit cautious with this off the cuff translation stuff, but
here goes:

  Let Titius be the judge as to whether Numerius Negidius is to be free
or may be free of Aulus Aegerius.

 Trouble is that Titius in Roman law has the force of our John Doe, or
Jane Q. Pubic, which makes me suspicious of the other two names which
sound very odd to me.  It could be some sort of model case from a Roman
legal work, or a legal maxim, or a joke.

 Some times the literal translation doesn't really tell you what you
want to know...........

  Dorothy Africa

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