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Book Arts Book Catalogue

No more "How about a ... ?" about it, so I've changed the thread subject.

Barbara Harman of ArtSurvive asked whether I thought that one-off editions
of books had a place in this Catalogue.  So I thought I should post a
response to the group as a whole.

Personally, I don't see why one-off books shouldn't be included in the
list - but of course this brings in one important condition.  If we are to
keep this Catalogue relevent, then we have to make sure that it doesn't
contain a long list of books that have actually been sold some months
previously.  Anybody using this Catalogue to browse for Books ... which is,
I hope, what it will eventually be used for ... might just get a little put
off if they kept enquiring about books only to hear that they had been sold

By all means, send details of any book that you wish to sell - whether you
have 1 copy or 1,000,000 - but please let Peter or myself know when you have
sold all the copies of that book, so that we can remove it from the
Catalogue.  Otherwise we will end up with something which is more of a
historical record than a list of "In-Print" books.

Thanks to everybody who has posted me their list to date, keep posting those
book details to me at thomas_larque@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (please include the word
"Catalogue" in the subject field of your E-Mail).  Thanks!

Thomas Larque.

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