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Book Arts Book Catalogue


Obviously the two line limit was a bit restrictive.  Most of you are sending
in four or five lines per book.  So the rules have changed - aim for four
lines, and if you send me any descriptions over about five lines in length
then I am going to have to cut them down.

Also, a few people have sent me Web Page Addresses.  At this rate I'm not
going to be able to stop and look everything up for myself, so *please*,
send me an E-Mail describing the books you want listed.  It takes quite a
long time to enter a full list of books, and more lists are turning up with
each "post".

Once Peter has put the first Catalogue up on the Web, feel free to send
alterations or corrections of your entries.  And if you sent in 2 lines per
book originally, and are now feeling cheated, feel free to send an expanded
description and use the full four lines.

The basic format is going to be :

*Title in Bold and Italic* - *Your Description of your book*.  *Your name*.
*your.e-mail@address* ... *cost in the currency of your choice*

Books will be listed in alphabetical order, by title - not by author or
publisher.  And for convenience words such as A and THE will be alphabetised
as part of the title.  Taking a commercial title from my bookshelf - "Great
Tudors, The" - looks silly, and "The Great Tudors" looks peculiar listed
among the "G" books.  So this would be listed under "T".

I don't think this is a very good solution, but then none of the options
looks good here - and this one is the easiest for my computer to understand.

Thomas Larque.

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