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Re: Source of exotic leathers

Most of the exotic skins availiable in the US are manufactured for the shoe/
custom bootmaking industry- here are a few sources to get you started-

Hide Crafter Productions- 1.888.263.5277
The Leather Factory- 1.800.822.8437
Mid-Continent Leather Sales- 1.800.926.2061

If you have specific needs, I'm sure any of these suppliers could help you.

good luck,
jeff peachey

At 06:43 AM 4/14/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm looking for a source of exotic skins which will ship to the US. Karen
>Crisalli (Bookbinder's Warehouse) used to have some, sold out a long time
>ago, and the rest we know. Any suggestions. What about you Canadians. I
>know that there are some great (French-)Canadian binders who in the best
>tradition of French binding use it.
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