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Catalogue of Artist's Books - Update

The second edition of the Catalogue has just been sent to Peter, and should
be appearing on your screens soon (Peter will probably make an announcement
when the Catalogue has been changed).

This should include all the book listings that I received to date, so if you
E-Mailed me or submitted a form before about 20.00 GMT today (21.00 British
Summer Time - the time I'm on at the moment), then check to see that's it in
there.  If not, my eyes may have glazed over, your message may never have
arrived, or I may have forgotten to save the file after adding your books
(anything's possible).  Hopefully nothing has gone wrong, and everything
should be there.

I have had a couple of people send me details of alternative products along
with their books - videos, postcards, pencils - that sort of thing.  Much to
my regret, I can't see any way to fit these into the list without confusing
people.  Especially since some of the *books* are pretty far out.  If I
added pencils to the list, somebody is going to buy one expecting a text to
fold out of it in a highly cunning and intricate fashion.

Take the widest definition of a book you can imagine - including Broadsides,
paper sculptures that fold out of boxes, anything that you might consider a
book when feverishly hallucinating a little - and I will put it in.  If the
input ever quietens down, I may start another list of alternative products -
but at the moment, I can't see that happening.

Many thanks to everybody for sending in some fascinating titles, and
especially to those who sent descriptions which exactly duplicated the
Catalogue format - which meant that I didn't have to do much editing work.

I have included Shipping costs when they have been sent attached to each
book, but I am in two minds about this.  Remember that your potential
purchasers - 1) Could come from any country in the world, and 2) Have to
E-Mail you before they can arrange purchase anyway.  I think it is probably
neater and less confusing to let you tell them the shipping costs when they
order.  I will think about this one (and discuss it with Peter).

How easy did you find submitting the form?  Did everything you wanted to put
in arrive safely?  And are you satisfied with the results?  Once the new
Catalogue comes out, let us know.



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