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Re: Catalogue of Artist's Books - Update

The "second edition" is up and running.

At 11:41 PM 4/15/98 +0100, you wrote:
>The second edition of the Catalogue has just been sent to Peter, and should
>be appearing on your screens soon (Peter will probably make an announcement
>when the Catalogue has been changed).

Please, the list was originally conceived for "artist's books." I know we
have slightly (;>) different conceptions as to what an "artist's book" is
and that's fine. I've added the following line to the list. "Titles
eligible for inclusion are one-of-a-kind artist's books / fine bindings,
fine-press artist's books..." Although worthy in their own right, I would
not like to see this list lose its focus by including things like
reprints... There are a few in that category which I let slip in, but I am
also considering whether to move those titles, where relevant, to either
one of the bibliographies I have online or into their own list as suggested
by Thomas. If the scope of this is something that people feel should be
discussed, I'm open to it. At some point though, it becomes a maintenance
issue. I would prefer to see several listings, but with more refined scopes
of inclusion. Again, I'm more than happy to listen and see myself more as
the maintainer than editor...

>I have had a couple of people send me details of alternative products along
>with their books - videos, postcards, pencils - that sort of thing.  Much to
>my regret, I can't see any way to fit these into the list without confusing
>people.  Especially since some of the *books* are pretty far out.  If I
>added pencils to the list, somebody is going to buy one expecting a text to
>fold out of it in a highly cunning and intricate fashion.
>Take the widest definition of a book you can imagine - including Broadsides,
>paper sculptures that fold out of boxes, anything that you might consider a
>book when feverishly hallucinating a little - and I will put it in.  If the
>input ever quietens down, I may start another list of alternative products -
>but at the moment, I can't see that happening.


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