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Re: Cyrano de Bergerac Centenial

Richard Miller wrote:

> Unless you're a collector of editions of Cyrano, or the works of Edmond
> Rostand (or have money to throw away), it strikes me as an expensive way to
> buy a pig in a poke, ie: a set of sheets, sight unseen. ...
> Judging by other French editions de luxe I have seen, you wouldn't be
> buying it for innovative or exceptional typography.
> Having said that, this is the fifth competition (I remember putting an
> announcement for the competition in our newsletter last year), so I presume
> it is legitimate and not just a scam to sell unbound books.

Richard makes good points about this, although at less than $80 it's
not a terribly expensive porker.I'm working on a binding for the
Italian Leopardi exhibit and can make some comments based on that.The
text in this case was fairly well printed letterpress, although the
paper is way too heavy for the leaf size. According to the organizer,
there are almost a thousand participants (?!); if the Rostand
competition has as many participants they probably won't miss Sam's
copy if he chooses not to send it. Although, since it's a competition
and not a juried exhibit, why not submit? Just don't budget the prize
money prematurely.:)
Sam, one other thing to keep in mind if you do decide to send your
binding. Do it well ahead of time so you can ship it in an affordable
manner. My binding has to be in Italy by the 30th of this month, the
binding is 2/3 done, and FedEx quoted me a hair raising price to get
it there on tinme. Gak.

Don Rash

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