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Re: Books of the Future

     As a student paying $80 to $120 for text books each semester I see
definite advantages to an electronic book.  It would reduce the overall
cost to the publisher thus reducing my own costs.  As someone stated
earlier I could even carry one "book" with me for all my classes.  It would
also greatly reduce the paper wasted each time the publisher makes a
revision and produces a whole new book.
     As a bookbinder I think that the commercial aspect of my job would go
down the drain.  However I also agree that it would greatly increase the
value of a hand bound limited edition.  As with the movie screen scenario
where people go to the big screen to experience something they can not get
from a 30" image of pulsating light I think people would still treasure the
traditional binding because it would give them something that they might
not be able to experience with the electronic version.
     Just my two pesos.


Happiness bought and paid for
is happiness none the less.



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