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Re: Creating 'the Last Book' to Hold All the Others

I also think about how technology changes so quickly.  I remember the IBM
Selectric II typewriter was the best thing since sliced bread!  Then the
memory type writers that required a disk, next the first computers that hit
the office with another type of disk to insert that eventually changed into
a smaller disk...none compatable with the other and lost stored documents
that had to be either re-typed into the new computer or forgotten.  Not to
mention that one program doesn't read another, or even updated versions
don't read lower versions.  I don't know how much information I've lost
because I've updated and the new one won't read my old files.  I bought a
computer three years ago with all the bells and whistles and is considered
a dinosaur by today's standards.

Technology is going to change at an even faster pace than it is today.
Yes, we'll probably get the modern day computer book which will fit in our
hands, run by battery and hold a 100 titles.  Maybe the price of paper will
become so expensive due to shortage of tree's that it will be cheaper to
produce a micro chip instead.

As the price of technology becomes cheaper, I just hope that it becomes
affordable to everyone in the world - illiteracy is already too high in
numbers.  And not only in 3rd world countries either!  It would be nice if
we could buy disks with a number of books on one - but then we're getting
back to disks again.  Would if the next electronic book becomes smaller,
more compact, higher memory...

Will book arts become a craft only available to the elite because they are
the only one's who can afford a book that has been printed and bound?

I saw on T.V. a program that was showing car's designed to fly that may be
available in the next 10 - 20 years that are computer flown.  Flight paths
designated between sky scrapers....

Whoa, scary!  James Bond will be flying one soon, I am sure of it!

My 2 cents worth,

Colette Vosberg

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