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Re: Creating 'the Last Book' to Hold All the Others

You're correct about the technology.  However, I seriously doubt that
books will ever disappear.  We see on all the science fiction shows that
information is always available.  We also see that it is often from an
unseen voice.

I hope that people will never have to give up snuggling down in bed with a
good book.  Books are our window to the world.

My .02 cents worth.

Barbara (StampBear)

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, vosberg wrote:

> I also think about how technology changes so quickly.
> Technology is going to change at an even faster pace than it is today.
> As the price of technology becomes cheaper, I just hope that it becomes
> affordable to everyone in the world - illiteracy is already too high in
> numbers.  And not only in 3rd world countries either!  It would be nice if
> we could buy disks with a number of books on one - but then we're getting
> back to disks again.  Would if the next electronic book becomes smaller,
> more compact, higher memory...

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