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Re: Being practical and following your dream

Thanks Susan for your contribution.  It hit a cord with me as I am at the
cross road in my life.  You have also hit on a number of things that I can
identify with: ie: trying to evaluate my artwork, not selling enough to
support a viable income, art vs commericalism, and finally finding that
niche to make the dream happen.

I have just fallen into an opportunity to learn more about digital
multimedia with a small 2 person company who is doing digitialized video
promo's and commericals.  I have done some computer design work mostly
using clip art with some corel drawing tools.  It is a job opportunity that
will take me into a completely different direction than what I have been
doing.  The latest string of input has been very helpful in my
understanding of how others are working and what problems/problem solving
hints they have contributed that I was totally unaware of.

As I have mentioned I am writing a novel which is also new terrain for me.
I am 36 years old and feeling 40 approaching very quickly.  I know age
means nothing and things only get better (or so I am told), but I am
feeling that if I don't get off the pot, I am going to be a poor artist in
my 60's living in a run down rooming house and trying to eek out an
existence on social security.  Not a pretty sight.  Although I have a Fine
Arts Diploma - what does it mean?  Not a hill of beans in this competitive
world.  I couldn't get a teaching position but could do workshops I

Meanwhile, I must try to make time for papermaking and artwork - my dream.


Colette Vosberg

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