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Re: Cyrano de Bergerac Centenial

Seems like everyone has recieved the Cyrano Centenial advertisement.  I may
enter, but I do have some reservations.

I also entered the Leopardi exhibition.  I echo Don's remarks on this
particular edition.  Another flaw is the paper grain is running the wrong
direction.  This has made my binding a bit tight when opening, but so far
so good.  And listen to him about getting the binding done way before hand.
 I, too, will be paying quite a bit for shipping.  But (if I may gloat) I
am glad I won't be the last one done.  My binding is just about finished!
{Sorry Don  :-(  }  Good luck to all who are "Leoparding" and maybe we'll
see each other in Italy!

I also liked Peter's idea of having an exhibit of books for
exhbitions/competitions which we did not finish in time.  Of course, the
moral thing to do would be to exhibit them in their unfinished state ...


* Eric Alstrom
* Athens, Ohio
* alstrom@xxxxxxxxx

... and it is remarkable, thinks Russ, how much earthly
disturbance, how much summer and dust the mind can manage
to order up from a single Latin letter lying flat.

                        Don DeLillo, Underworld (1997)

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