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New artist's book - PDF format display

"PYGMALION - The Artist's Story", has been added to Norman Sasowsky's
HomePage. For those who wish to display, or create, books electronically
PDF offers an excellent alternative since you can create a document (or
book) in a program like Pagemaker and retain all design elements in
presenting the book on the Web. PYGMALION,and several other books can be
seen at the following URL:
http://seurat.art.udel.edu/Art/Faculty/NorskyHP.HTM  I suggest you select
to view the "single page" version to reduce the downloading time, and
adjust the view in your browser to accomodate seeing the double page all
at once. Feedback/suggestions/questions are welcome. I've already spotted
one typo post production. I believe your browser will need to have Acrobat
Reader which is available free from Acrobat and can be downloaded from
their site. Norman

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