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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 10 Apr 1998 to 11 Apr 1998

Hey, I think you might try Ron his is out there somewhere- Ron the
great web master will help you.  I have a web site if you want to
look at it, and I can guide you a wee bit.  http://comp.uark.edu/~jmeyerb/
or /~dborders at the end will give you both my sites.  I am trying to
link them together for one interesting one for school.  Anyway do you
use HTML at all?  Also what type of software do you have.  Do you have
access to Pagemill.  I heard it is quite easy.  I have done my web page
the hard way - sweat and blood, and a lot of comments from this list
Good luck and keep asking questions.  We will guide you.

Hi - this is Janet - I am an artist - do you need any art work?
Give me a call.  Logos, Murals, Signs - jmeyerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Sun, 12 Apr 1998, Michael Bradley / Hi Stockwell / Ben Campbell-Bradley wrote:

> I am new to the list and so I hope I am doing this right.  Since I
> joined (specifically with the desire to make connections with those who
> might help me find new rollers for a just purchased Kelsey and some
> advise on using it for my second ever printing exercise) I haven't read
> anything from traditional bookworking perspective.  The 'scan or shoot'
> info is also very interesting as we are moving toward setting up a web
> site, BUT>>>>  Is there someone out there who can help with basic
> practicle questions about typesetting and printing?

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