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Re: Exotic Leathers - Us?

>Thanks for posting this source, Ed.  It was very interesting indeed.

I too enjoyed reading that excerpt, but it started me thinking: why are we
so squeamish about the thought of human skin binding? Apparently it's ok to
skin a dumb animal but not one that once was sentient.

The thing that gets me is the waste of a perfectly good natural resource --
by burial or cremation -- because of emotional attachment. I presume that's
why many people refuse to allow their bodies (or those of deceased kinfolk)
to be used for medical research, or organ transplants. Not me: when I'm
gone I hope somebody, or several sombodies, will recycle as much of me as
possible. I won't be needing the old carcass, and I can't see taking up
precious space on the planet with a grave. If someone can use my corneas or
my kidneys, great! If a future medical student can learn something by
slicing me open, even greater. And if the old hide could be used to cover
someone's favourite book I can't think of a more fitting, and lasting
tribute to a former book lover.

Cheers (really ;-)

Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

"Even bad books are books and therefore sacred." --Gunther Grass

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