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Re: Exotic Leathers - Us?

> why are we
> so squeamish about the thought of human skin binding? Apparently it's ok
> skin a dumb animal but not one that once was sentient.

Presumably for the same reason that we're worried by canibalism.  Fair
enough so long as they stick to the dead, not too nice if you know they're
likely to start on you or your loved ones once you are dead, but what really
worries us is the prospect that at some point somebody is going to start
looking at us thinking.  "I'm hungry / bored ... if he was dead then I could
make a really good meal / book out of him.  What a pity he's still alive.
Hang on a second, he's not looking and I'm sure I saw a heavy rock
somewhere around here."

The real worry about these things is that people might start getting

But if you are serious, I'm sure somebody on the list would be keen to take
you up on the offer.



P.S - As for that French writer and his mistress' offer to let him make a
book from the skin on her beautiful shoulders.  Very romantic, unless he
promptly nipped out and bought some poison.

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