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Re: Human skin binding - Urban legend?

Well, I just found a Website which suggestst that a particular book in the
Boston Atheneum Library was bound with the skin of its author - a notorious

The Aetheneum Card Catalogue entry (online) lists the book and dates its
binding to about the year of the author's death, but unfortunately doesn't
mention the binding.

The site suggesting this connection is at :


Anybody in Boston could perhaps drop around and ask about it.

Another page contains a fairly sober looking article from the "Daily
Californian" about the Bancroft Library in UC Berkeley whose collection
apparently "includes Egyptian papyri, medieval illuminated manuscripts and a
book bound in human skin".

This library is apparently open to anybody aged over 18, so the morbidly
curious have a chance to see the real thing.

See :


Searching the Web for these articles, I also found a work of fiction, some
AD&D games, and a neo-Nazi denying the holocaust (at least one book bound
there apparently, although he spends his time denying it).

The human binding may be a nasty business, but it is real enough.


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