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movies about books

After following the discussions on "the end of books" and "human =
binding", I think of two very interesting movies about books. One is =
Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451. This film creates a world in which keeping =
books is considered a crime. 451 is the temperature of burning paper. In =
this world, there are police in charge of finding people who collect =
books at home and burning the books. It results an exiled community for =
those "criminals" where each person memories one book and represents the =
book itself.
Another one is "The Pillow Book" by Peter Greenaway. There are quite a =
few scenes of Japanese traditional bindery. People who like books will =
enjoy the film (at least visually) because the images heavily involves =
book forms, writing, and languages. I got the sense that Peter Greenaway =
is obsessed with writing and books too. There is one unusual binding in =
the film. For those who are familiar with his films, it is not hard to =

I will be interesting in knowing other movies with book related themes.=20

Peng-Peng Wang

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