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Re: unpleasant leathers

At 14:39 17/04/98 -0700, elaine schlefer wrote:
>I own a piece of tanned human skin. (My understanding is that it comes from
>the lower back of an adult male.) It is not something I would want to use
>for binding, even apart from any possible moral or ethical considerations.
>It is brittle, has an irregular grain and is really quite ugly. Elaine

No offense Elaine, or anyone else, but isn't all this getting a little
reminiscent of Mengele? I know people, personally, who were in
concentration camps, where "people" were made into lampshades and other
quaint little items, and this discussion really is rather morbid. Sure,
maybe it's funny for a while -- but there's a limit, don't you think? I
mean, which one of you out there is seriously considering binding a book in
human skin and desperately needs all the technical info?

Sorry folks, I'm not trying to rain tears or blood on anyone's macabre
parade, but if I was Jewish or something and had lost relatives in the
death camps, and maybe just joined this list in gleeful anticipation, I'd
find this whole discussion utterly shocking and totally, totally

Ron :(

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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