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Re: human skin bindings

At 03:03 PM 4/17/1998 -0400, you wrote:

I saw that in 1968 when I was studying binding at Brown with Daniel Gibson
Knowlton. A practice among some medical students, perhaps inspired by this,
was to have their Gray's Anatomy bound in the skin of the cadaver they
dissected. I don't know if this practice continues today.

HECK !!!  I wish I had thought of that when I dissected my cadaver !!  For
years my Gray's REEKED of the dissection room and the phenol, it might as
well have been bound in ole Robert's hide !  BTW, he left his body to the
school and knew full well to what use it would be put.  I probably still
have a couple of his bits and pieces packed away somewhere.
David Adams in Maryland

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