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Re: Exotic Leathers - Us?

I'm just a new subscriber, but don't you think you have quite covered this
I'm sure I'm not the only one to find it somewhat distasteful - and I haven't
discovered how to "filter" my email yet.  Some of the letters are very
interesting and the links useful.

I owe at least 3 people personal email replies - keep the faith, I'll get to it


patriot@xxxxxxx wrote:

> At 08:03 AM 4/17/1998 -0500, you wrote:
> >Richard Miller wrote:
> >
> >The thing that gets me is the waste of a perfectly good natural resource --
> >by burial or cremation -- because of emotional attachment. I presume that's
> >why many people refuse to allow their bodies (or those of deceased kinfolk)
> >to be used for medical research, or organ transplants. \
> True !!  And given the Victorian custom of making pictures, flowers and
> trinkets from human hair as "remembrances", how much better to bind a book
> with leather from the buttocks of a loved one.  I say buttocks since that's
> where the highest quality would probably come from, usually protected from
> sun, and other forms of wear and tear and how nice to feel that one was
> giving the loved one a pat on the backside everytime the book or leather
> covered object was handled !! <g>
> David Adams in Maryland

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