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Re: typographers close the book . .. ..

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Subject: re: typographers close the book . .. ..
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>Nowhere on the three floors of the Athens Printing Company/Pella Press on
>West 36th Street is there a computer. Leandros Papathansiou, another
>member of the Typographers Association, has never seen a compelling
>reason to invest the $50,000 .. ..

While riding in the evening California mist, I came upon a familiar
looking pile of parts, abandoned in a parking lot in the very very
center of Silicon Valley. The keyboard, the big gear with two mold
cavities, the iron footpad in the back where you stand to reach the
top of the machine.
More. The track along the front where the matrices assemble in a line
so you can read their backs and proofread before casting. Having no
screwdriver to remove the brass plaque that that said <LINOTYPE>,
I said a little colophon with my head dangling and rode off with the
only thing that would fit in my bikebox, the font-change crank. The
young secretaries back at the office were surprised to learn it
once took a ten pound crank to change fonts.

Cyan >(:
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