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Re: Exotic Leathers - Us?

Yes, makes sense. Also, I imagine that some of the lady bibliophiles would
like to remember their men with an appropriate bookmark.

>Richard Miller wrote:
>The thing that gets me is the waste of a perfectly good natural resource --
>by burial or cremation -- because of emotional attachment. I presume that's
>why many people refuse to allow their bodies (or those of deceased kinfolk)
>to be used for medical research, or organ transplants. \

True !!  And given the Victorian custom of making pictures, flowers and
trinkets from human hair as "remembrances", how much better to bind a book
with leather from the buttocks of a loved one.  I say buttocks since that's
where the highest quality would probably come from, usually protected from
sun, and other forms of wear and tear and how nice to feel that one was
giving the loved one a pat on the backside everytime the book or leather
covered object was handled !! <g>
David Adams in Maryland

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