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Re: intellectual intercourse ....................................................

Thanks, Rhett, for your friendly, interesting, and complete reply.  I
understand the list better now thanks to you and other respondents. I did
assume you were talking about price requests made directly to you but I
wanted to get the list better defined in my mind. Your post raised the
questions for me.  I used to lurk a collectors' listserve that was a good
bit less congenial than this list.

Your response also dredged up for me those "big ones that got away" or the
"good-money-paid-for-an-obviously-inferior copy" in my collecting past.
Usually the problem was lazy or no research or just inexperience.  I guess
all collectors have a few of these tales.  When I'm assaulted by those
memories I try to make myself think of the good finds.

You wrote--

 I'm not talking about
>serving our customers who have questions about a book which they would
>like to buy from us or through us, either at auction or through a
>search.  I'm talking about the folks who want us to price a book which
>they will put on the net to sell to someone else!  Would you not agree
>that that's a bit much.

I fully agree, and so stated. Which raises another question or two. I buy
annual price guides in my field of interest in order to keep a current
insurance value on my books and, of course, for trading, buying, and
selling research.  I also read every catalogue sent me and some on the
Internet. When I'm researching specific items I also check the OP services
such as Bibliofind, etc. But,inevitably there are pieces I can't price with
the sources I have.  How good is the CD with auction records?  Would it be
feasible for someone with the resources to set up a service to provide sale
or offering prices on books and documents at a reasonable price---not
appraisals, just records of sales and offerings?

>        So Mr. Lanham I find you and I are both correct.  I was talking
>about apples and you were talking about roses.  Both smell good to me.

Me, too.

> (we'll upload our first Japanese title
>on Monday)  (Thought I'd give a commercial plug)

One of my interests is in traditional Japanese bindings and early book
forms. Got anything like that?

Regards from the Texas Hill Country,

Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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