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Re: unpleasant leathers

As a Jew , I think it's important to explore these issues that we find so
disturbing in contexts beyond what we usually associate them with. Human
skin binding is morbid, but, as list members have pointed out, it has
associations beyond the Holocaust. The book is structured as a reflection
of the human body in many ways, so I find the making literal of that
connection quite fascinating.

I don't think people are simply laughing in this discussion. It's by
opening things up for discourse that we understand the associations and
connotations around the morbid, disturbing, horrific. And this also applies
to the production of art.

>Sorry folks, I'm not trying to rain tears or blood on anyone's macabre
>parade, but if I was Jewish or something and had lost relatives in the
>death camps, and maybe just joined this list in gleeful anticipation, I'd
>find this whole discussion utterly shocking and totally, totally
>Ron :(
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