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Re: Human skin and change.

> How about discussing the use of various alternative board materials such as
> metal, engraved glass, plexi... Of interest would be special handling
> problems, how they were integrated into the design, tips for working with
> the materials. I guess I'd also be interested in sources of "funky"
> covering materials such as rubber flooring, metals. Also, what structure
> was used in attaching them.

I did a book for a juried show once...it was an "ART" book which had 1500
pages printed back and front with the word 'art,' starting with a 6 pt.
font at the front of the book and growing to a 20 or so pt. font towards
the end...

For the cover I used old 'found' zinc plates from the art department scrap
pile, and etched the word 'art' onto the front plate in the acid.  I
wrapped the spine with a piece of leather and attached the zinc 'boards' in
a split board binding fashion.  I then used aluminum foil for paste downs
and end sheets.  For the finishing touch, I attached six inch gate hinges
to the fore-edges of the covers and hooked a padlock in each...

It turned out pretty cool...I still like to pick it up (when I'm feeling
strong...it weighs about twenty pounds or so...) and flip through it...



        "I'm reminded of a story, you've probably heard it:
         The king and queen of this country were playing golf
         with five clubs. Their son Jack remarked how strange
         it was that they only had two hearts between them.  Just
         then his sister Little Deucy and her dog Trey started
         singing "Four Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend,"
         whereupon the whole family beat her to death and buried
         her with two spades."

                                         --Hawkeye Pierce

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