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Attention Midwest GBW members

To those of you who belong to the GBW Midwest Chapter:

I will be gathering together the Spring issue of "Quarto: The GBW Midwest
Chapter Quarterly Newsletter" in the next week or so.

If you have "News from your Studio" submissions or anything else you would
like to publicize to the Chapter, please send them my way (see addresses
below).  This includes: what you are currently working on / have worked on;
momentous occasions in your binding (or nonbinding) life; workshops, events
or other happenings in your area; anything else which is relevant.  The
benefit: to see your name in print (even if it is digitally typeset).

The deadline is on or about April 24, but I'll be nice and let you be a few
days late.

Paper copy is acceptable, electronic copy is appreciated.


Eric Alstrom                    Guild of Book Workers Midwest Chapter
        33 Townsend Place               Newsletter Editor and Web Page Binder
        Athens, OH  45701

***Articles gladly accepted.  Remember, submission is good for the soul!***

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