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Re: unpleasant leathers, RON

Nuts Ron, Binding with human skin has been going on for some time now,as
I see form the ongoing conversations. It is strange, perhaps but what is
the difference betwween are skin and a goats? Last may I had a chance to
see a scrap book of a murder trile in the Bristol Archives in the UK. A
young man was tried for murder in the early 19th century and the
attending doctor compilled quite a collection related material. after
the hangiing had the chap skinned and tan and bound around the scrap
book, tooled in gold- little skull and crossed bones, doubled gallows.
the poor fellow was told that he was to be bound to the book too.  With
hind sight it looks as if he was guiltless of the crime too.  I'm not a
binder, but the work and the hide looked simmiler in quality to one of
the books, bound with two goat hides.  I think someone should mount an
exhibition of such bound books.

best Steve

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