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Re: Metal Binding Techniques

Hi Nicholas,

I'm interested in hearing more about your wedding albums. What prompted you to
start making them and are the silver covered pieces the first?

What kind on paper are you using inside?  Do you already have a market for
them?  They sound quite unique.


Nicholas Yeager wrote:

> I'm currently working on a series of wedding albums - 12" square - covered
> in copper or silver. It's very hard to get 28 - 30 ga. metal in larger than
> 12" and you can imagine how expesive it would be to make a special run for
> only a few sheets of 14" square metal. I solved this problem nicely - the
> leather spine will take care of one direction as I only need 10" or so to
> complete the turn - in. But the head to tail measurement was still 14" and
> can't be reduced enough to suit my needs. So, I took 12" wide sheet copper
> - it comes on a 100' roll, bought the amount needed and cut up the pieces.
> After photo engraving the family name on the cover, I took the pieces of
> copper to a plating company anf for $20/pc. I had them plated with sterling
> silver. They polished up beautifully, and the books will look great when
> I'm done.
> There are a variety of smithing techniques that are easily learned for any
> competent craftsperson, and the technology is as old - some of it older
> than bookbinding. So, have fun and get hammered with your metal bindings!
> N.
> Nicholas G. Yeager 51 Warren St.#2 NY, NY 10007 212.346.9609
> artifex@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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