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Dear Ms. Rupps,

        I'm a member of the Book Arts List, also a graduate student in
theology and church history, and found myself intrigued by the various
comments made about binding in human skin.  You wrote,  "Certain
Christian denominations and other religions believe that the actual body
will be used in the afterlife.  If the body is cut up or parts are
removed, you'd spend eternity in poor condition or maybe not make it
all." I'd not heard such an opinion in Christendom, though my experience
and reading is primarily with the English-speaking, post reformation
branch... Puritans, etc. Which Christian denominations believe this?
        The Scriptures, Jewish or Christian,  do not hint of it...

        The story comes to mind of a pope, dug up by a later rival, bones
dressed in clerical garb, given a trial, condemned, and then torn to
pieces (smaller pieces, I guess) and tossed into the river. One way to
make sure you wouldn't ever see your rival in heaven... or in hell....
(Formosus, tossed into the Tiber...)

Bob Roberts
Wheaton, Illinois

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