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Re: Sculpted leather covers


Check one of the recent issues of the GBW journal. Not sure which one it is
by No. & Vol. but it's the one with Jan Sobota on the cover, the master of
the sculpted binding. I believe Philip Smith has some things to say on the
subject as well in "New Directions in Bookbinding" and then also misc.
articles in the "New Bookbinder," journal of Designer Bookbinders.


At 11:05 PM 4/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I am interested in attempting a sculpted leather binding.  I am not
>sure just *what* to put under the leather.  I discussed this with a
>clerk at my local art store and he suggested Sculptey, a clay that
>can be formed, baked at a low temp and then drilled and sanded.
>I worry about the long term effect of a product like this.  Does
>anyone have any ideas about this - or perhaps a better idea.
>Thanks in advance for the help.
>Artemis BonaDea
>North Bound Books
>Anchorage, AK

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