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                        BOOK EXPLORATIONS  '98

It is my pleasure to announce to friends on the  BOOK_Arts-LIST that

all the unique, expertly made artist's book entries sent here for

    The New Art Forum's BOOK EXPLORATIONS '98 exhibit have been judged and the

following have received  merit awards from the judges:

*   The Highest Award for Excellence and Creativity to Sam Garriott-Antonacci of

Seattle, Washington for his miniature accordion book with beautiful matching

container, "My Favorite Season"; and also sharing the Highest Award for

Excellence and Creativity for the multi-page accordion book, "as in queen (the

abecedarium of a typophiliac)" entered by Leda M. Black, Providence, Rhode

Island.  The judges felt that both entries were equally deserving !

Each artist will receive a $100 check from The New Art Forum.

*    To Marilyn Hatch at the Wellesley College Library, Massachusetts, the

for Excellence in Structure for her interpretation of spiral design in "Dream

Labyrinth" in which the unfolding spiral page is faced with a  road map.

*    The Award for Excellence in Creative Humor to Linda K. Johnson of Pompano

Beach, Florida for ON THE LINE, made of a container with directions for hanging

 the printed cloth pages on an enclosed line with little wooden pins - which

delighted the viewers.

*    Also receiving the Award for Excellence in Creative Humor, Angela Lorentz

of Italy and Manchester, Massachusetts, for her colorful and unique necktie

shaped  book and container, "Binding Ties".  Again, the judges found both books

equally deserving !

*    Emily Martin, Iowa City, Iowa, received the Award for Excellence in Design

for her novel staircase-in-a-book entitled My Twelve Steps in which the text was

 displayed on each staircase step.

*   To JoAnne B. Berke of Trinidad, California, the Award for Excellence in

Storyline / Content  for her hard cover book with revolving circular

images  based on the structure of an antique children's book of the 1800's. The

book was creatively made,  with her help, by 12 members of the Book Arts class

at Pelican Bay State Prison, entitled TRANSFORMATION.  (A truly inspiring text

 and artworks.)

*   The Award for Excellence in New Media to Leah R. Oates of Chicago, Illinois,

for "Objective / Subjective", a spiral bound  structure with text-printed

translucent vellum pockets containing black and white removable images.

*    Mary Stewart of Syracuse University, New York state, received the Award

for Excellence in 3-D Movables for her large hard cover artwork which opens to

to reveal a stand-up compartmental structure covered with colorful Greek

lettering and stencilled human form running   "In Pursuit of Knowledge".

*   Thankyou to all who entered . Each entry was exquisitely made, soundly

packaged and enthusiastically received by The New Art Forum, the viewers and

the judges, Anne Anninger, Jim Reid-Cunningham and Mary McCarthy.

*   All who read this are cordially invited to prepare  entries for:

                        BOOK EXPLORATIONS  '99

(More about this in the near future !!  The deadline will be March 21, l999.)

*    For those who live near Kingston, Massachusetts, the show will be open

1 - 5pm each day and 6-9pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday through

April 26, l998.

*    Thank you all for your dedication, generosity and goodwill

    in supporting the book arts and presenting the grist for

    new ideas, enjoyment and contemplation to the public.

                                     Most sincerely,

                                                        Lilla Ford
                                                        The New Art Forum
                                                        Box 52
                                                        Kingston, Massachusetts

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