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Re: unpleasant leathers, RON

Amongst a variety of other comments from others, at 11:33 20/04/98 -0400,
Steven C Daiber wrote:
>Nuts Ron

I'm sorry if I offended anyone by pointing out, in my first message, that
there was potential for people's feelings to be hurt because of the topic
of conversation, and, secondly, that at least one person's feelings were,
indeed, being hurt by the conversation. If I hurt or offended anyone by
pointing out that people's feelings could and were being hurt and offended
by the topic of conversation, I do apologize.

As for another's question as to why I didn't let that aforementioned person
speak for themselves, well, I can't truly speak for them, but perhaps if
they had felt that their feelings -- however much in the minority as they
might be -- would be met with compassion and not clear dismissal and/or
outright antagonism and derision, perhaps they might have.

     "I can't believe they're talking about this. It brings back so
     many painful memories for me", she said, with a tear in her eye.

     "Pfft! Don't be so silly!", they all responded, "You're just one
     person and your feelings are insignificant and virtually meaningless
     in comparison to the critical nature and extreme importance that
     human skin binding has for us all as book artists! Get a life!"

I apologize to that person for sticking up for them and acknowledging their
pain, and apologize to the list for minimizing the extreme importance of
this topic of conversation. I'm sorry for bringing up something as trivial
as peoples feeeeeeeeelings in a discussion that "should" be totally
clinical and unfeeling, that is really so dry and boring, stolid and staid
that it "should" be without any emotional impact at all. I'm sorry for my
foolish and unwarranted compassion for one who was so foolishly and
unwarrantedly affected by the topic of the conversation, and I'm sorry,
too, if inadvertently I only made it worse by making you think.

You may shoot me now. Or just call me a !@#$%. Take your pick.

Ron %}

PS. Don't worry, I'm done, and have no interest in pursuing any further
discussion on this. I've got far too much work to do for me to put any more
effort into defending myself about the blatantly obvious. I'll join back in
when I'm less busy and there's nicer things to talk about -- and, of
course, I feel I have something a little more productive to say than this
latest drivel of mine has been.

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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